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Wooden Tractor Wagon with Peg Doll

Wooden Tractor Wagon with Peg Doll

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Handmade and SNI Certified


- Smooth doff finish, using waterbased paint that is safe for babies and children.

- Includes 1 peg doll 

- The wagon can be removed

- The front of the tractor has modern calligraphy which is the hallmark of our toy, which reads 'be generous'

- Includes a drawstring pouch, for storing or carrying toys.


- Lenght 25cm , Width 14.3cm , Height 15.5cm


- Children aged 7 months and over, when they are able to grasp, can hold and train their fine motor skills.

- Children aged 1 and above can insert peg dolls into the holes in the tractor, as well as connect the wagon to the tractor, this can train eye-hand coordination.

- Children aged 18 months and over can use this tractor for imagination games / pretend play.

- When the toy is not used, it can be used as a room decoration.

- This product can also be used as photo props

How to clean:

To clean wooden toys, you can use a damp cloth. How to clean it, just wipe the surface of the wooden toy evenly. Apart from using water, you can also use cleaning fluids that are safe for children. It is not recommended to immerse wooden toys in water.

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